sábado, 23 de fevereiro de 2008

Lusophone African Cinema in Vilnius

This cinema cycle brings together 2 feature and 3 documentary films, released in or telling about Portuguese speaking countries in Africa. The cinema critic Nuno Sena will present the African cycle from the historical perspective of the Portuguese cinema and will approach topics of Portugal and its ex-colonies.

The cycle is at the Cinema Club of the Lithuanian Filmmakers Union
(Vasario 16-osios 13 / Sermukniu 1, Vilnius).

Saturday, 23rd February:
16:30 Kuxa Kanema, O Nascimento do Cinema (Birth of Cinema)
18:00 O Herói (The Hero)

Sunday, 24rd February:
16:00 Dois Mundos (Two Worlds)
17:00 Outras Frases (Other Phrases)
18:00 Nha Fala, A Minha Voz (My Voice)

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