sábado, 28 de junho de 2008

Conference “In the beginning of the relationship Portugal – Lithuania"

In 1499 and 1529 two educated Portuguese travelled in Europe and arrived in Vilnius. A medical doctor Martim Lopes was sent by the Duke of Lithuania to the Pope as a representative of Lithuania. Damião de Gois, one of the brightest minds of Portugal, came to Vilnius as an ambassador.
This was the subject of the conference made by Prof. Dr. Julieta Araújo of Lisbon University in Portuguese Embassy, at 27th of June.
This important conference was opened by H. E. the Ambassador of Portugal that stressed the importance of this research. Several important guests came to the conference hall of Embassy, namely the Nuncio, the Ambassador of Japan, the cultural attaché of French Embassy, the Head of European Commission Representation and the Deputy Director of Institute of Foreign languages (Vilnius University)

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