sábado, 28 de junho de 2008

Joana Amendoeira on road to LT

Joana Amendoeira is considered to be one of the most important Fado singers of the “New Generation”. In her singing, Fado gains a new glow, a new attitude, without disregarding tradition. Born in Santarém the 30th September 1982, Joana Amendoeira takes part, in 1995, at the “Grande Noite do Fado” (Grand Gala of Fado) in Oporto, where she wins the first prize as “Female Interpreter”.
From then on, she begins a steady career, performing regularly all over Portugal. In 1998, she travels abroad for the first time to perform at the event “Dias de Portugal” (Days of Portugal), organized by ICEP, at the city of Budapest (Hungary). In that same year it’s released her first album, "Olhos Garotos" (Trickster Eyes), becoming one of the youngest Fado singers with a published CD.
In 2000 is released her second album, "Aquela Rua" (That Street), witch gets outstanding notice from specialized review. She starts a regular collaboration with "Clube de Fado", one of the most prestigious Fado Houses in Lisbon, where she sings every night.Meanwhile, she is invited for the most prestigious national record collections, such as “Novas Vozes, Novos Fados” (New Voices, New Fados) from EMI/VC, “Nova Biografia do Fado” (New Biography of Fado) from EMI/VC, the homage record to Moniz Pereira (Universal), and takes part in the Sound Track of the TV serial “Jóia de África”.In 2003 is released her third album, “Joana Amendoeira”, with immediate acceptance from all the Fado community, specialized review and the public.

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